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              Driver assistance

              Drive Smarter. Drive Safer.



              Conventional ADAS technology can detect some objects, do basic classification, alert the driver of hazardous road conditions and, in some cases, slow or stop the vehicle. This level of ADAS is great for applications like blind spot monitoring, lane-keep assistance and forward collision warning.

              The NVIDIA DRIVE? platform takes driver assistance to the next level. The platform employs deep learning and software libraries, frameworks and source packages that developers and researchers can use to optimize, validate and deploy their work. This gives developers a powerful foundation for building applications that leverage computationally intensive algorithms for object detection, map localization and path planning.

              With NVIDIA AI solutions, a vehicle's ADAS can discern a police car from a taxi; an ambulance from a delivery truck; or a parked car from one that is about to pull out into traffic.

              Safe, AI-Assisted Driving.

              NVIDIA DRIVETM AP2X. The Level 2+ automated driving platform.

              Advanced Driver Assistance Systems ADAS Differentiation of Vehicle Types

              Differentiation of Vehicle Types

              Advanced Driver Assistance Systems ADAS Pedestrian Detection

              Pedestrian Detection

              Advanced Driver Assistance Systems ADAS Speed Limit Sign Recognition

              Speed Limit Sign Recognition

              CONTACT US

              NVIDIA automotive solutions are available to automakers, tier 1 suppliers, startups, and research institutions working on the future of transportation.