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              Redefining Medical Imaging

              Create and deploy world-class medical imaging applications scalable to any environment.


              The Modern Data Center

              High-performance computing, virtualization, data analytics, machine learning, and deep learning on a single platform to advance medical innovation.


              NVIDIA equips the world’s leading healthcare institutions with advanced tools to tackle interoperable data and meet the increasing demand for personalized medicine and next-generation clinics. Use NVIDIA platforms to develop intelligent applications unique to your workflows, and accelerate areas such as image analysis, scientific research, and drug discovery.  

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              Power Intelligent Instruments

              From research to diagnostics, leverage smart medical instruments to provide fast, safe, and accurate insights in major areas of the medical field.

              Accelerate Compute

              Whether in hardware or on the cloud, high-performance computing enables the data center to accelerate life science applications, such as drug discovery, genomics, and bioinformatics.

              Nurture Developers

              From emerging startups to budding data scientists, our hardware and software platforms equip developers with tools for various stages of their journey in healthcare.

              Innovating Healthcare with Accelerated Applications

              • MEDICAL IMAGING

                MEDICAL IMAGING

              • DATA ANALYTICS

                DATA ANALYTICS

              • LIFE SCIENCES

                LIFE SCIENCES

              • DEEP LEARNING

                DEEP LEARNING

              Medical Imaging

              Advances in medical imaging are vital for ealy detection, diagnosis, and treatment of disease. NVIDIA Clara? for healthcare uses AI to provide the fastet computing platform for medical imaging applications, helping to reduce radiation exposure, improve image quality, and produce images in real time.

              We are using AI to improve workflow for MRI and PET exams. NVIDIA’s Clara platform will enable us to seamlessly scale our technology to reduce risks from contrast and radiation, taking imaging efficiency and safety to the next level.

              – Enhao Gong, founder of Subtle Medical

              Data Analytics

              From electronic health records (EHR) to medical device data, data collection during routine healthcare requires tremendous processing power. By leveraging RAPIDS, a GPU-accelerated data pipeline, data analytics in healthcare is faster and more insightful than ever before.

              When the biggest Internet finance company in China, Ping An, used RAPIDS and GPU-accelerated PCA and DBSCAN, they clocked 80X speedups—from days down to hours—on their workflow, including data loading and training time. This helps them develop proactive predictions and improved precaution and prevention plans.

              Life Sciences

              We’ve entered a new era in drug discovery where AI and HPC simulations yield safer, more effective pharmaceutical candidates in less time and with fewer R&D costs. Chemists use AI pipelines to develop better small-molecule candidates and more effective synthesis pathways. In silico screening, using GPU-accelerated HPC simulations finds the best matches in pre-clinical studies. And molecular biologists discover new disease targets in high-resolution molecular structures produced by cryogenic electron microscopy (cryo EM).

              Gromacs is a program to simulate how particles are moving, how they're interacting, and how they're binding. By using GPUs, now we can move up the factor three or four in absolute simulation performance, which means that we can read simulations that simply were not possible three years ago with CPUs.

              – Erik Lindahl, professor of biophysics at Stockholm University

              Deep Learning

              Harness the world’s fastest AI supercomputers to develop personalized medicine. With integrated hardware and software systems, NVIDIA DGX provides an AI workstation for breakthroughs in experiments, training, and scientific discoveries.

              Massachusetts General Hospital's new clinical data science center uses NVIDIA DGX-1 deep learning supercomputer to improve detection, diagnosis, treatment, and management of diseases from patient data.

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