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              Hands-on AI Training at GTC

              TRAINING AT GTC 2019

              The NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute (DLI) hosted 60+ instructor-led training sessions, 40+ self-paced courses, and 6 full-day workshops offering developer certification at GTC 2019.

              Developers, data scientists, and researchers learned how to apply deep learning and accelerated computing to solve the world’s most challenging problems in autonomous vehicles, robotics, digital content creation, healthcare, finance, and more.

              Want to revisit GTC 2019 training? You can access instructor-led training content through March 2020 for any sessions attended. You can also access self-paced courses started onsite. Log into your NVIDIA Developer Program account at courses.nvidia.com/join.


              WANT MORE TRAINING?

              The NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute offers self-paced, online training powered by GPU-accelerated workstations in the cloud and instructor-led workshops onsite by request.

              SEE YOU AT GTC 2020, MARCH 22 – 26