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              GeForce Max-Q

              THIN FOR THE WIN

              Max-Q is an innovative approach to crafting the world's thinnest, fastest, quietest gaming laptops. It hits the sweet spot of ultimate GeForce gaming and impossibly sleek design. Finally, a gaming laptop you can put on your lap.

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              An Innovative Approach to Laptop Design

              Designing for Max-Q is a holistic approach. Everything’s engineered for the ultimate thin gaming laptop experience, including the laptop, chip, drivers, thermal and electrical components, and more.
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              More Performance. Less Noise.

              More Performance. Less Noise

              Laptops designed with Max-Q have some of the best acoustics in gaming laptops today with a target of 40 dBA1 or better.

              1 Measured 25 cm from above the laptop during typical gaming loads at typical room temperatures with ISO-7779.

              FROM CONCEPT TO

              NVIDIA GPUs accelerate your work with incredible boosts in performance. Bigger workloads, more features, and faster than you ever imagined. Welcome to NVIDIA Studio—and your new, more creative, process.

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              Browse the latest GeForce gaming laptops with Max-Q design. Get the maximum GPU performance from the thinnest-possible designs.

              GeForce Gaming Laptop

              Where to Buy

              • GeForce RTX
              • GeForce GTX





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