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              About Our Foundation

              Supporting our Local communities

              Meaningfully supporting the communities in which we live and do business is a shared value among NVIDIANs. Through a variety of initiatives, the NVIDIA Foundation helps our employees turn their passion for giving into action. We give NVIDIANs opportunities to donate their time and talent through activities like mentoring and tutoring programs, and through large-scale volunteer efforts like our annual Project Inspire and departmental team-building events. We encourage their financial contributions to fundraising efforts, and our matching gifts program amplifies their personal contributions of time and dollars to the organizations that are most important to them.


              Discover our impact
              locally and globally

              Discover our impact locally and globally

              Discover our impact
              locally and globally

              NVIDIANs around the world share a passion for giving back to their communities. In FY19, NVIDIA and our employees donated nearly $3.3 million to support nonprofit organizations around the world.

              Our Programs


              NVIDIA’s Techsplorer program for STEM careers

              NVIDIA’s Techsplorer program introduces underserved youth to cutting-edge technologies, such as artificial intelligence and deep learning, and encourages them to explore STEM careers. We partner with Iridescent, a global education nonprofit organization, to create open-ended engineering challenges that introduce core technical concepts and engage NVIDIA engineers to educate and inspire the students.

              Project Inspire

              Project Inspire

              Our annual Project Inspire volunteer events bring NVIDIA employees and their family, friends, and community members together each year in countries around the world to physically transform valuable educational resources. Together, they work to create more welcoming and inspiring environments for learning, including schools and other youth-focused organizations in low-income areas.

              NVIDIA Tutoring and Mentoring

              Tutoring and Mentoring

              Employees donate their time and expertise to help kids stay on track to graduation through activities such as one-day, small group activities and weekly, one-on-one sessions held virtually.

              NVIDIA Office Fundraising and Volunteerism

              Office Fundraising and Volunteerism

              NVIDIA offices around the world hold frequent fundraising and volunteer events, such as collecting school supplies and building new libraries for rural schools.

              NVIDIA Department Team Building

              Department Team Building

              We partner with department managers in our Santa Clara headquarters to plan charitable team-building events for groups as large as 300 people. These events help to strengthen working relationships while helping the community.

              NVIDIA Matching Gifts

              Matching Gifts

              We match funds in support of our employees’ efforts when they give to recognized nonprofits. All employees receive up to $1,500 per year to match their donations of time and money.

              NVIDIA Disaster Relief

              Disaster Relief

              When a disaster or natural catastrophe occurs, the NVIDIA Foundation helps to shape the company’s response and direct resources accordingly.


              See how we're is helping communities around the world.