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              Professional Visualization in the Classroom

              Learn on the technology used by professionals.



              Today’s schools are looking towards open education resources like online collaboration, digital lectures, and interactive digital content. This is ushering technologies like 3D design software, virtual and augmented reality, streamed applications, and mobile devices. Both faculty and students are moving towards a more immersive, interactive learning environment.

              NVIDIA professional visualization solutions are used by industry leaders around the world, from film to architecture to engineering to design. Training on professional tools is the best way to further your career. NVIDIA solutions come into the classroom in workstations, laptops, and remotely from the data center. And with education discounts, schools can empower students with the right technology to enter the workforce with a powerful set of relevant skills.


              There has never been a better time to embrace a wider student population with accesses to professional technology and applications. Watch the webinars below to see how these schools have dramatically improved their educational experience while enabling flexible learning styles and simplifying IT management.

              Delivering accelerated apps to students around the world. Watch Now >

              Building digital lecture halls and labs for borderless learning. Watch Now >

              Enabling anywhere access to engineering computer labs. Watch Now >


              Empower your students with the leading professional tools and technology at a price optimized for education institutions. Learn more about NVIDIA hardware and software education offers.

              Professional Visualization for Classroom

              Professional Visualization for the Classroom

              With NVIDIA Quadro solutions, students can get their hands on the leading professional graphics tools used by all the major industries today. Schools looking to provide real world industry experience can take advantage of the only solution designed, tested, and tuned for professional applications. Through cutting edge research into AI for computer graphics and developer tools for virtual and augmented reality, Quadro tools and technology provide students the most powerful learning platform.

              Education GPU Virtual Labs

              GPU Accelerated Virtual Labs

              NVIDIA virtual GPU technology brings power and performance to virtual workspaces, allowing students to access their applications from the data center. These secure, immersive learning environments are accessible on any device, anywhere giving students the flexibility to do their work on the go. In addition to increasing student productivity, GPU accelerated virtual labs and classrooms simplify management for the IT department, reducing overall operational expenses for the school.

              NVIDIA virtual GPU for Education Solution Overview
              Download >

              Accelerated Virtual Desktops and Applications

              GPU Virtualization for Education Infographic
              Download >

              High-Performance Campus Computing for Student Success
              Download >

              VIRTUAL LABS

              Virtual computer labs let students and faculty access the applications they need from anywhere - classrooms, dorms, coffee shops, and more - all at a fraction of the cost of managing a physical environment. Discover how much virtualizing your computer labs could save you.


              Learn how leading education institutions have leveraged NVIDIA professional graphics solutions to deliver immersive, hands-on industry learning for their students.

              Making processing-heavy apps accessible to all  Download PDF >

              Cost savings in centralized IT management  Download PDF >

              Harmonizing performance, flexibility, and savings Download PDF >

              Comparing VDI performance to several traditional workstation setups Download PDF >


              Keep informed of technology updates, trends in graphics technology, and how NVIDIA is making an impact in education.

              GRID Community Perspective: How NVIDIA Empowers Education Through GPU Virtualization.
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              Universities Deliver Modern Applications to Students with NVIDIA GRID.
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              How Four Major Universities Use NVIDIA GRID to Stay Best in Class.
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              Learn more about NVIDIA professional graphics and how they can help your school bring powerful, flexible and immersive experiences to your students.