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              GET SUPER POWERS



              BUY GEFORCE RTX?,
              GET CONTROL? AND



              27TH - 28TH JULY 2019

              6 TEAMS. 2 GAMES.
              1 WINNER.

              Volvo Group and NVIDIA to Create the Future of Trucking

              End-to-end AI for training, simulation, and driving.

              CUDA to ARM.
              A New path to Exascale Supercomputing.

              NVIDIA is bringing its full stack of accelerated software to Arm CPUs, opening a new path to energy-efficient, AI-enabled supercomputing.


              RTX. It’s On.

              Tiny, yet mighty. Just £95. NVIDIA CUDA X AI computer runs all AI models.

              The fastest PC graphics card ever built.

              4k HDR Entertainment. NVIDIA-powered gaming. Smart Home ready with the Google Assistant. Buy Now.


              GeForce? RTX SUPER? Series

              Buy GeForce RTX?, Get Control? and Wolfenstein?: Youngblood?.*

              Buy GeForce? GTX 10 series, get Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

              144+ FPS Battle Royale
              Powered by GeForce

              AI News

              NVIDIA’s WaitNet deep neural network identifies intersections without the help of a map.

              Data scientists can now accelerate their machine learning projects faster on Microsoft Azure.

              Kickstart development and deployment of AI-powered robots with new developer toolbox.


              Harness the power of HPC with NVIDIA GPU-accelerated libraries and tools.

              AI in the Data Center

              From 8 hours to 80 seconds, NVIDIA AI platform delivers top performance in latest round of MLPerf.

              NVIDIA DGX-2? with Python ran 20 million trading simulations in one hour—setting a new backtesting benchmark.

              Uniting two of the world’s leading HPC companies.

              NGC has expanded to further democratize GPU-accelerated AI.